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Over the past few months a small group of volunteers have been preparing a Ready Reunion, scheduled for August 13th, 2017.  While all the details are far from confirmed, we have general information that will give you some sense of what’s being prepared for you.

This website will continue to serve as our official means of communications as we plan and coordinate our family gathering.  We want you to come out, have fun, and enjoy.  It’s our hope that the descendants of James and Mary Ready will share pictures, comments, celebrations, businesses, memorials, and etc.

We don’t want anyone to miss this one, and later in this proposal we’ll outline a strategy that will be the most affordable plan possible.  Essentially, the registration cost is FREE!  Or, under the Dinner options category, where are there 3 options, one option is offered at a very reasonable cost.
We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in Osceola & Douglas, Ontario to continue celebrating our family history.  Are you Ready?


The following is the itinerary planned for Sunday, August 13th, 2017

1:00 – Mass at St. Pius Catholic Church – Osceola

11:45 – Reunion Group picture on the steps of the Church

12:00 – Visit to the Cemetary – (optional)

1:00  – Light Lunch in Douglas (in the Rec. building) in Douglas

1:30  – Sporting Activities for the kids. Mingling for the Adults. It’s the Ready’s, so lots of mingling.

3:00  – Ready Reunion Trivia Contest

4:00 –  Caterer prepared to serve Pulled Pork, Hamburgers, Hot Dog

5:00 –   Pot Luck Dinner – line-up through the rec building

6:00 –   Entertainment – Leo Ready – Leahy Cousins – guests


Please click on the registration page.

 Cost – Donations

During the introduction, we mentioned that the Reunion will be as affordable as possible.  But there will be costs associated with the Reunion.  For example, we have a facility rental to pay for in Douglas.  We also have to have a contingency plan for protection from the elements (heat or rain).  We may need to consider equipment rentals of some kinds.  So, we will be accepting donations to offset the costs that may unexpectedly arrive.  Any surplus of funds will be donated to St. Plus Church in Osceola, in memory of the descendants of James and Mary Ready.  Please give what you can!


There are two dinner options, listed below.

  1. Pot Luck:  The first is participating in a simple “Pot Luck”.  With this option, everyone attending is expected to bring a food item, whether it’s a salad, a pickle tray, potato salad, dinner rolls, cold cuts, a pasta dish, a kaiser rolls, a cheese tray, etc., etc. Or maybe you’d like to bring a dessert…..lots of desserts, but you get the idea.  There’s always lots of food if everybody participates in a potluck.  (Note: We’d prefer that people do not bring sandwiches). For those coming from a distance, maybe you can stop by a local grocer and bring a vegetable or fruit tray.
  2. BBQ: The second option is BBQ offered by Jessie Welsh.  Jessie will be offering a variety of items such hot dogs, hamburgers, cold drinks, etc.  They will be offered at very reasonable prices listed below.
    • Pulled Pork Sandwich $5
    • Burger with all the fixings $4
    • Hot dogs $2
    • Please note:  For the supper portion of the Reunion,  Jesse Welch, the “Back Yard Gourmet”, will be providing hamburgers, hot dogs, and pulled pork and some drinks,  to purchase.  If you were to purchase something from the BBQ and also would like to partake of the pot luck, please bring something to contribute to the pot luck , for example : salad, dessert, veggies and dip, fruit tray, etc…..
This is a B.Y.O.B.
Just a reminder to bring your own drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) There will not be any alcoholic beverages for sale at this event.
Chairs & Umbrellas
We have a limited supply of tables and chairs.  So bringing your own chairs will be very helpful.  When we get to Douglas at about 1:30 pm or so, we’re set up on the outdoor rink floor.  We’ll have a number of tents, to protect you from the elements. (Rain or sun).  It might be wise to come equipped with an umbrella.  The Potluck is set up in the building adjacent to the outdoor rink.
Registrations for the Reunion
If you’ve not yet registered, please do.  Aside from getting a detailed number, it would be most helpful in getting nametags prepared, and information to the caterer on what kind of crowd to expect.  Please check with family members to see if they’ve registered, and if they haven’t please encourage them to do so.
Collapsible tents
In an effort to prepare for the elements, rain or sunshine, we looking for 8 to 10 collapsable tents. (The kind often seen on the sidelines of soccer and football games). If you have access to one, please call Kevin Ready at 613-440-3999.

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